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Hard Drive Recovery
as low as $299
USB Pen Drive Recovery
Memory Card Recovery
as low as $99

Operating system failure
File system corruption
Software Failures
Human Error
Hard Drive Crashes
Mechanical Failure
Logical Corruption

We can recovery data in the case of:

Bios is not detecting your hard drive
Operating system not booting up or is booting up intermittently
Mysteriously missing folders, files or directories
User accidentally deleted files user error
Hard drive omits clicking or grinding noises
Hard drive not spinning
Power surges/natural disasters
Data corruption
Files and folders cannot be open


Laptop/Desktop Drives
File System corruption
Virus attack corruption
Disk read write error
Accidental delete, format

For Apple MAC:

Internal file system error
Directory not found
Bad master directory block
Not an HFS volume
Segment loader error
Can not access drive error

Bad sectors
Clicking hard drives
Power failure damage
Water Damaged Drives
Fire/Smoke damaged drives


Bad file name
Drive not installed
No such volume
Directory not found
Disk error occurred
Not a Macintosh disk

How is data recovery handled?
After you submit your drive to us, a diagnostic analysis is performed. Here we find out the problem with the drive, what data can be recovered, and the cost of the recovery.
Then we'll contact you with the information via email, fax, or phone call to you for your approval.

After we receive your approval we start the recovery process.

During Data Recovery, we will extract the actual data from your bad, crashed drive. Each drive is different, so the outcome in each case is different. We strive to get 100% of the data from your bad drive. the data is recovered and saved to a CD or DVD.

The data is then UPS/Fedex back to you. The whole process takes as little as a few days depending on drive condition and shipping methods.

We do offer priority service for those clients needing fast turnaround. Contact us for more information.

Dec, 2007 - Feb, 2008
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Drive Errors:
"Disk Read/Write Error"
"Drive Not Formatted"


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Dec,2007 - Feb, 2008
USB Flash Drives


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