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Hard Drive Recovery
as low as $299
USB Pen Drive Recovery
Memory Card Recovery
as low as $99 

Operating system failure
File system corruption
Software Failures
Human Error
Hard Drive Crashes
Mechanical Failure
Logical Corruption

Our primary intention is to offer affordable data recovery services to small business and individuals.  We offer special rate for people who have lost  precious data but cannot afford or do not want to pay thousands of dollars to get their back.

We are a full-service data and file recovery lab that specializes in retrieving lost files from PC, Macintosh, Linux and all laptop hard drives. We recover missing, corrupted, or otherwise lost data resulting from all types of physical hard disk malfunction. We also recover missing data from the accidental or malicious formatting of hard drives, and quickly recover deleted files and data lost due to virus infections.

We understand that data loss causes expensive down time and lost productivity.  That's why our services focus on one goal: The prompt, secure return of your valuable data.

Our data recovery success rate is one of the highest in the industry, nearly 95% of all media received is recovered successfully. When it comes to Software related failures, such as corruption and virus damage, almost 98% of all media received is recovered. 


Dec, 2007 - Feb, 2008
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Drive Errors:
"Disk Read/Write Error"
"Drive Not Formatted"


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Dec,2007 - Feb, 2008
USB Flash Drives


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